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The California Roll was invented where?

Everyone knows the California Roll and it was probably invented in Japan right? WRONG,oh California? Nope, It was invented in Vancouver,Canada? You and I probably had the same reaction WHAT? I looked into this,did some research and it made more sense. Sushi Chef Hidekazu Tojo helped make sushi one of the most popular foods in the United States and Canada. But to understand this we have to rewind back in time. It was 1971 and sushi was not popular people only ate tempura and teriyaki. Turns out North Americans did not like seaweed "looks terrible" and sometimes even "yuck". So Chef Tojo decided to wrap the rice on the outside to conceal the seaweed instead of the traditional way of wrapping the rice on the inside. In Japan people were bashing him saying "this is not the right idea it's wrong". But people liked it and he combined items everyone eats cucumber,avocado,and cooked crab and the California roll was invented. However he didn't call it the California Roll at first he called it the Inside-Out roll. Rumor is that it was so popular with customers from L.A. they named it the California roll. The California roll shifted people's perspective on sushi and was some gateway roll. Slowly people started eating smoked salmon,tuna,roe,and step by step they loved it. Nowday sushi is everywhere partly because of Chef Tojo's contributions.

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